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Name:Finnick Odair | Victor of the 65th Hunger Games

FINNICK ODAIR | the hunger games


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Finnick Odair is something of a living legend in Panem. Since he won the Sixty-fifth Hunger Games when he was only fourteen, he’s still one of the youngest victors. Being from District 4, he was a Career, so the odds were already in his favor, but what no trainer could claim to have given him was his extraordinary beauty. Tall, athletic, with golden skin and bronze-colored hair and those incredible eyes.


Finnick's stunningly beautiful, and he knows it. He's tall, ending up around 5'11" once he stops growing, with an athletic, muscular build. His sea-green eyes are famous all over Panem.

This version of Finnick is from the years immediately after his victory, up until the age of around 21.

( my primary Finnick journal is [personal profile] fishermansweater )

[ Finnick Odair is from The Hunger Games books (with added details from the films), and is the intellectual property of Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, and Lionsgate. Teen Finnick is played by Zach Ferry. Kid Finnick is played by Jeremy Sumpter. Finnick appears here for roleplay purposes only: no association is implied, no infringement is intended, and no profit is being made. Profile code by [personal profile] manual. Profile GIF by [ profile] lisabethsalander. ]
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